FAQCategory: QuestionsDoes it work for knee tendonitis and how effectiveness it has?
5 Answers
Teresa V answered

I personally have used it on ALL my pain – back, knees, calves, wrist, elbows & for headaches. It really works for me and I am not just saying that. I know that products work differently for everyone but I love it. I can start to feel the pain easing in minutes. My husband uses it on his shoulder where he was injured in Afghanistan and it helps him. Once I have used it all up, I am most definitely ordering more. It is the most effective I have found besides getting a prescription for pain cream.

Kim irvin answered

I would think it would help I used it on my knee that has Psoriatic arthritis and it worked very well I felt it working within 5-10 min after applying it.

Back to Normal Staff answered

Yes it should work for knee tendonitis as it will relief the pressure on tendons and the entire knee joint. See our product image that demonstrates the best application for the most effective relief for knee pain.

Wndwalker answered

I don’t know about knees……I have bursitis in my shoulders and that is what I use it for. It kills the pain pretty good for 3 – 4 days then I need to re-apply. No stickiness, no greasy feeling, no stinky smell !! I thinks it is great!!

kitty answered

I got it for carpal tunnel so I don’t know but it is fairly effective for mine as long as I do the exercises prescribed by the mfg.. I would assume they have instructions and exercises for your problem also. So if you follow them it will be better than if you don’t.