Carpal Tunnel / Tennis Elbow / Cyclist’s Palsy

Use Natural Healing Products to Eleviate Aches & Pains

A combination of the right stretches and our natural healing products speed relief and aid in returning you to peak performance.

Many aches and pains in our body come from muscle imbalances. Make sure to stretch your body evenly, right vs. left, and front vs. back (e.g. quads vs. hamstring). Even if you have pain in only one side, you should always stretch both sides.

When performing a stretch, proper position and good posture help relieve tightness and increase overall mobility while minimizing injuries. Move as deeply into each stretch as possible before reaching a point of discomfort. Stretching should create tension during the stretches, and relief afterwards.


  • Stretch opposite muscle groups (right vs. left, front vs. back)

  • Perform the stretch correctly with good posture

  • Maintain balance and control over your body

  • Move slowly and gradually into a stretch

  • Hold stretches for 15-25 seconds

  • Breathe deeply throughout to help your muscles relax


  • Stretch only the “bad” muscle or joint

  • “Cheat” for more range of motion

  • Bounce your body to extend flexibility

  • Hold your breath or hyperventilate

  • Move swiftly or abruptly

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