FAQCategory: QuestionsDoes this work for arthritis and back pain?
2 Answers
Barry Aronowitz answered

Hi James- I purchased this for my wife. It is working for her hand arthritis and has worked on her back pain. Of course, every person has different pain- more or less severe. My wife’s pain was in the moderate range and this product worked for her. Hope this helps you! 

Back to Normal Staff answered

Absolutely! This was initially designed for our Founder\’s own back pain symptoms. Please pay attention to the graphic on the product listing showing where to apply the cream for low back pain. Also, please keep in mind that low back pain is greatly relieved by stretching your hamstrings, quads, hips and glutes. And for arthritis, our Arnica Cream improves blood flow and reduces inflammation in the whole area, which helps relieve arthritis pain.