FAQCategory: QuestionsHow well does it work for carpal tunnel?
Back to Normal Staff asked

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Back to Normal Staff answered

This product works for carpal tunnel, if you apply it to your forearms, elbows and wrists. We recommend stretching at the same time too.

I have had the surgery for my carpal tunnel but still have occasional pain and I use the arnica cream and it works. You just rub it in, I use it at bed time, and in the morning it feels better. You can use it any time I just prefer bedtime is all.

Ken Heck Staff replied

Kelly Ann, thanks for the support. Using Back To Normal Arnica Cream at bedtime offers the most dramatic results because it has many hours to work before you wake up. Also, using it directly after a shower can be very effective, as the cream absorbs most quickly then.

Karen Cochrane answered

I’ve never had carpal tunnel but I have really bad migraines and its like instant relief

Ken Heck Staff replied

Karen, Back To Normal arnica cream was originally invented to help me with my migraines and low back pain. I’m glad it’s helping you too.

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