FAQCategory: QuestionsIs this effective for hip pain from arthritis?
4 Answers
Kui answered

I have neck arthritis, it helps, but i’m not sure about hip pain, maybe you can ask the owner, he’s a very nice guy, he’ll give you honest answer.

Amanda Ash answered

Yes! I actually used it on my neck and hip last night. You will need to give it at least 30 minutes to work since its a deeper pain. Use a generous amount. This cream works miracles! You won’t be disappointed.

Karen Cochrane answered

Actually yes it is I use it for that and my eight year old son has growing pains and I use it on him it works 

Back to Normal Staff answered

Hip pain from arthritis is a hard thing to treat. This product should provide some pain relief, providing you massage it deeply into the hip muscles. Stretching and using this cream will relax the muscles and reduce inflammation. This should reduce pressure on the hip joint. Good luck.