It’s Sam again… Did you get my message about using live chat more strategically to save checkout abandons on backtonormallife.com?
YES, this is a cold sales email and you’re probably skeptical. But here’s a few things to show we can actually deliver results:
– Your business is NOT too complicated for us. We work with medical device companies and other complex businesses and have a very strong onboarding process to learn any business.
– Before letting you signup, we’ll dig into your Google Analytics data make sure we can save a lot of checkout abandons. We’ll both be confident in the #s up front before moving forward.
– If you think running live chat yourself just during business hours would be good enough, you’re wrong. 30-50% of your website traffic comes outside of business hours, which turns into a lot of missed opportunities if your chat isn’t online and saving checkout abandons.
Even if you don’t work with us, this video will help you fix your checkout abandon problems with live chat since we’ve worked with so many similar ecommerce stores: https://helpflow.net/lp/video-overview/?wemail=backtonormallife.com
Why haven’t you responded?
Sam Michaelson
13446 Poway Road #405
Poway, CA, 92064
PS: If you don’t want to hear from me anymore, just let me know