I left you a message on backtonormallife.com but didn’t hear back. Did you get it?
In short, if you’re not using live chat to save customers that abandon the checkout process, you’re missing out on a lot of potential sales.
Around 70% of checkouts abandon, and a big chunk of those happen all the way on the last step of the checkout process on the payment page. So close to the sale… = (
By integrating live chat into the checkout process, you can engage with these visitors, remove whatever barrier is causing them to abandon, and save a lot of sales.
We do this for over 100 ecommerce stores by providing a 24/7 live chat team and have seen this work for similar sites.
Watch the quick video I recorded for you showing how we can drive a lot more sales for you using this approach: https://helpflow.net/lp/video-overview/?wemail=backtonormallife.com
Looking fwd to your response,
Sam Michaelson
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