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KP asked

Hello— the package of Powecom masks I received is different than the official Powecom website and the stamps on the masks themselves are also different than depicted. Additionally, Powecom says that the bags should have foil anti-fake labels on them, which are missing from my package. Are you sure these are not counterfeits? 

T. B. replied

I would like an answer from staff to this question regarding potential counterfeit masks. Please!

Ken Heck Staff replied

The anti-fake labels are a new innovation from Powecom, and a welcome step to stopping fakes in the marketplace. However, it will take some time for those labels to find their way to the US market. We are still selling products that were manufactured in March and April of 2020.

We do our best to authenticate the product with Powecom directly, and to also ensure that every lot has the same design, serial numbers; both on the packaging and on the masks themselves. We are confident that we are selling authentic Powecom KN95 masks.


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Rick OBrien answered

I’m not so sure that these are not counterfeits. On the lower right side of the package, within the circle, it says N95 NOT kn95. Oops!

Ken Heck Staff replied

Rick, These are not counterfeits, but they are from China, which includes the Chinese packaging. In that circle, the Chinese packaging translates to “Uses same filters as N95”. We understand that there are many companies selling counterfeits and charging unreasonable prices. We are doing our best to ensure that our products are authenticated by the factory, and that are prices are as low as possible.


Thank you for your response

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