FAQYou Dont Have Live Chat On Your Website

I left a message on backtonormallife.com about helping you save checkout abandons by having us available 24/7 to engage with visitors using live chat.
We guarantee increased sales from our service.
You didn’t respond, which means 1 of 3 things:
1. You already get a huge amount of sales from your website, and you don’t care if chat could drive 10-30% more. You don’t want more sales.
2. You think I’m wrong and using live chat to save checkout abandons won’t work.
3. Or you’re too busy to even consider this for now (the video I recorded for you at https://helpflow.net/lp/video-overview/?wemail=backtonormallife.com is only 4 minutes long).
Shoot me a quick 1, 2, or 3 and I’ll make sure to update things on my end so I stop reaching out ; )

Sam Michaelson
13446 Poway Road #405
Poway, CA, 92064
PS: If you don’t want to hear from me anymore, just let me know