Back to Normal is a product that started from humble beginnings.

It was originally created by our founder, Ken Heck in his kitchen/lab to be a natural remedy for real pain and suffering he was dealing with at the time. It’s not a pharmaceutical medicine but it works.

It’s not a marijuana based product like CBD but it is all natural. Unlike CBD it is a FDA tested and approved. It has many natural  ingredients but the main pain relieving compound is Arnica Montana, a naturally growing mountain herb that has been used by people for centuries to remedy aches and pains of all sorts.


Ken began sharing his Remedy

Back to Normal Arnica Cream worked and Ken shared it. Demand increased as more and more people tired it and liked it. A business was born. In 2012 we selected a laboratory that could meet our rigorous production standards right here in the Good Ole USA (Southern California to be exact) and we launched sales on

We were one of the first all natural pain relievers to feature Arnica Cream as it’s main ingredient to be sold on Amazon.

Since then product has been consistently improved over the years. Better longevity for our product without preservatives. Increased pain relief without damaging side effects are just two of the most notable improvements.

Like any new product on Amazon we had to build an audience and earn customers. Like most products bought and sold, good reviews are hard to get. People will run to the review button when they feel slighted but they are often less motivated to tell the world about the products they love. But we got there. 170+ gleaming 4 and 5 star reviews with an average ranking of 4.5.


Our customers have grown more and more loyal, frequently buying direct on our website. 

Our relationship with trillion dollar Amazon has not always been rewarding. In 2017 they suggested we try a new platform that resulted in the loss of our old listings and the 400+ 4 and 5 star reviews we received. We can still see and read them from the Seller Central tool but our new customers on Amazon can’t.

The new listings are gaining traction and positive reviews albeit in a much more competitive market than the one we first entered.


New Community

In late 2018 we launched a brand new site. Thorough this website we set our focus on building a community by offering the help and support that started this company.  As you look through our site you will see nearly everything except products with hard costs is FREE:

A FREE community with other people suffering from ailments.

Doctors & Experts offering FREE answers to discussion groups.

FREE answers for skeptics who aren’t sure natural ingredients can truly relieve pain.

A full glossy printed, FREE stretching guide for anyone who wants to oder one.

In the coming months we are going to expand our product offering to include other items we have tested and know for a fact help our friends and customers relieve pain and soreness.


Our name is Back to Normal and we want our customers to be able to participate in all of the normal activities they ever did. We are here to help.


Thank you for visiting.