Knowing that Las Vegas hospitals and those most potentially at risk need masks now, Back to Normal Owners build a supply chain directly to Las Vegas. 

The owners of Back To Normal, a small but growing natural health care product producer based in Las Vegas saw the need in the Las Vegas community for protection from the spread of Covid-19 and have stepped up to help. In addition to providing over 2,000 low cost masks to the local community this month, Back to Normal supporters, customers and their families are donating a significant amount of masks to medical facilities, frontline healthcare workers and individuals at high risk right here in Las Vegas. 

“We are creating a new international supply for filtration face masks, not taking away from medical professionals.  These masks are cleared for protective use against SARS (in 2003), H1N1 (in 2009) and now COVID-19 (in 2019-20)” according to Ken Heck, Chief Executive Officer. 


Back to Normal is selling KN95 masks at cost, foregoing profits. 

While many other suppliers are taking the opportunity to price gouge and make enormous profits, Back to Normal is selling KN95 masks at cost, foregoing profits. 

Small medical practices are having difficulty getting their own masks as the US supply has been redirected to hospitals and large facilities. Also, international manufacturers are limiting exports of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as masks. The resulting problems are Individuals who are in potential danger from contamination or family members already in need also find it impossible to get masks due to inability to shop and scarcity online, especially in Las Vegas. 

As an established e-commerce business that sells pain relief cream, Back To Normal is in a position to help the Las Vegas community. Working through their international contacts, they are able to create a consistent and reliable supply of KN95 masks directly to Las Vegas.


No masks are pulled from Medical Supplies

“Our front-line healthcare workers are true heroes, putting themselves in harm’s way; and our family is doing whatever we can to support them.  We have heard so many stories of people at-risk in our community, and we are rushing to help provide masks wherever we can.” Kitty Heck, Co-Owner of Back to Normal. 

As it gets harder to find supply, Kitty continues to scour the national and international face mask markets to help the Las Vegas community stay safe and to benefit local medical professionals, small medical practices and families.